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Rock River Arms Commemorative AR-15

For a limited time Rock River Arms will be offering a 9/11 Commemorative AR-15 exclusively through the GunsAmerica On Demand Dealer Network. It marks the 10th Anniversary of the war on America by the terrorists, and our continued commitment to the war on terror.

Magpul's Art of The Dynamic Shotgun

Another incredible video release from the instructors at Magpul. See the trailer below for their latest video, Art of The Dynamic Shotgun. If it is anything like their other releases, it will definitely be worth picking up.

Noveske Switchblock System

It is a light weight, simple and durable gas block designed to regulate the increased flow of gas caused by use of a sound suppressor. The Switchblock is easily adjusted by rotating the selector drum located on the front, which will remain locked in position during operation of the firearm. The Switchblock is designed to

Taurus Raging Judge ATF Update

The new Taurus Raging Judge, in 28 gauge, is a direct answer to many firearms owners requests since the release of the now infamous Taurus Judge in .410. With an increase in comparable product offerings from other manufacturers, Taurus decided to raise the ante and move away from the .410 so many had become accustomed